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My story

I grew up in a traditional East Indian household where mental health was not talked about much at all. As a first generation individual myself, growing up in a conservative household in America, I struggled with my identity between the Indian and American cultures. Over the years, I have found that the Eastern and Western cultures are so different but we can pick and choose from each to form our own identities. 

Serving ethnic minorities is a big passion of mine and helping to break the mental health stigma. Finding a culturally competent therapist can be difficult and I am here to serve your needs. As an ethnic minority myself, I see the world through a similar lens and am here to say that it is possible to navigate through life's challenges as a person of color in our society. 

 I love to empower others to see their potential and to take back control in their lives. Because our self esteem and identity can feel like they aren't ours but what our parents and families want them to be. Finding your independence while also respecting cultural values is a fine line to walk but it is absolutely possible to do!

Garlic Naan
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