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The need to be perfect. Whether it's our appearance, how our homes look, or if we've checked off all the boxes in our daily agendas. We know that perfectionism is not reality, we as humans, cannot be perfect (unless it's done cosmetically) yet we strive to be perfect despite knowing all the facts. For some, perfectionism is a type of structure, a control that helps them feel secure. For others, perfectionism is a standard that is viewed as a goal that needs to be attained to feel satisfied. Perfectionism is also a deeply rooted internal battle that is a mask to hide all the insecurities, fears, and shortcomings.

So how does one get themselves out of this toxic cycle? By doing one thing that is "not perfect" in your routine. Whether that means not doing all the steps it takes to get ready in your morning routine or by purposely not completing all the tasks on your to - do list. Slowly but surely, you will become more comfortable with not being perfect. Our bad habits are the hardest to break but once broken, they can be so refreshing.

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